We got to the point of nearly calling off the wedding when my fiance wanted to go for couples counseling. He really wanted to go and I just really did not. This put an even greater strain on an already volatile situation.

Since then, I have learned that it is normal for a person to want to resist counseling. Not because they have anything to hide, but for some people, it is hard to open up sensitive subject matter to a stranger. This is a definite problem if it comes to a point where you need someone to counsel you and offer direction and help.

It might be your nature to deal with things privately, between you, and family, or whomever you trust. But this is not always a good method for long term results. I feel that if you have gotten this far into this article, then maybe it is time to consider that you might need a professional to talk to about your private matters.

It doesn’t mean weakness if you decide to go to a couples counselor. Rather, it should make you feel stronger, since you have the guts to face the issues head on and go through some possibly difficult sessions in order to make things better in your lives. Every one in this life has these painful times.

I have about four hundred friends and relatives and a close church family, and I truly don’t know one single couple who hasn’t struggled in some way with some thing. Don’t think for a minute that just because someone is walking with Jesus that they don’t have the same troubles as everyone else.

If it seems like they have it all together, it is more likely that they don’t. They simply have the faith that their God will see them through the valleys and bring them to the mountaintop where they will see clearly again. Don’t wait if your friendship is in trouble, get some counseling.

I recommend a Godly Christian counselor, since they are motivated by the deep understanding that God wants to reconcile people and is against division. or, divorce. They will work harder at a resolution and practical steps for you two to take in order to cause a bad thing to become beautiful. The church we go to will counsel for free as a service to God, but some churches may charge, since the person or people counseling likely has all the credentials and is doing this for a living.

If you are not a Christian person, then you will still benefit from a church counselor. If you feel compelled to resist that type of couples counseling; then you might want to ask yourself why. If you come up with no truly good reason, then go. But in an effort to do something, please, take the advice of someone who knows, and go to someone, the phone book is full of good counselors who are qualified to help you and your mate. Pick up the telephone today and get started on the road to reconciliation, you will be glad you did.

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