Mrs. Dillon was a minister’s wife, but her spouse was no holier than the communion wine and bread that they kept in the church kitchen.  They were going through a separation because Pastor Dillon had decided there was no need to have a wife.  Mrs. Dillon was a naive, submissive wife for over ten years.  She trusted her spouse to provide, which he did, but she could no longer trust in his faithfulness to their marriage.  When she was out running errands and caring for her household, her spouse, the preacher, was running out with members of their congregation.  After her marriage ended completely, she had discovered truths about her spouse and other ladies of the church going to the Bahamas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and other cities to celebrate their infidelity.

Cheating has no specific race, gender, religion, or any other demographic in mind.  If your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend cheated, you would assume that somehow they were not spiritually connected to a higher power, and therefore that is the cause of the infidelity.  Consider this: cheating is for everyone.  Like AIDS, there are no exemptions or exceptions to this heartbreaking disease.  Infidelity does not discriminate based on race, creed, or color.  Anyone can cheat.  Anyone can be cheated on.

When you have caught your spouse or mate in bed with another woman or when you find out your wife has been having dinner with another man, you may break down emotionally and seek professional counseling.  The individuals helping you through your ordeal are also not exempt from infidelity.  What if you are married or engaged or dating and you decide to seek spiritual counseling.  Can you completely trust your spiritual advisor?  You hope that the person sitting across from you actually has a good reputation for providing profound spiritual guidance.  But what if they have faltered?  Or what if there’s no proof of their indiscretion, but you begin to hear rumors that they are not living as saintly as they should?  Who do you believe in?  Who do you trust?  Not only are you skeptical about relying on your spouse for emotional support and comfort due to their indiscretion, now you have to scrutinize your spiritual counselor. 

No one can advise you to believe in a specific religion or force you to confide in someone with whom you’ve lost complete trust and confidence. If you have developed a relationship with a higher power, the only thing you can do when your spiritual advisor is also a cheat, is to lean further on your faith rather than people. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge him and he shall make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5,6

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