Can We Get Along?

“Dear Lord, can you please ask my wife to cook for me today, I’m hungry.”
“And Dear Lord,” she interjected. “Can you tell my husband to get out of bed and help do chores so I’m not too tired to cook?”

Is it too commonplace to ask for and receive help from your mate, not in the hopes that you will be disappointed, rejected, or hurt, but that by doing an act of random kindness, you put a smile on his or her face that day. We are not promised tomorrow, yesterday is gone, so all we have to look forward to is the “NOW” we can see. This prayer was a prayer from a couple who is currently experiencing difficulty getting along with each and helping each other. Both parties felt that they were giving more than receiving from the other.
Do you feel like all you do is cook, clean, run errands, carpool the kids to and from school and recreational activities while your spouse sits at home relaxing? Do you feel like you are the only one attempting any romantic gestures or showing any interest in your mate while they are too busy to look your way?
Life isn’t always fair, but the only thing we can count on is that doing our part to the best of our ability will not only make our lives much less complex, but it will in the long run, be best for our family. In the midst of your arguments, stop and concede defeat…on purpose. He is not right. She is not right. Do the right thing and come together in whatever decisions you have to make for the family. No one person is above the other. You have to get along to get ahead.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Our goal is to ensure healthy, happy relationships.

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