Best Friend

A lover of mine broke my heart.
He used to be my best friend.
I cared for him deeply.
Inseparable til the end.

One touch from him eased my soul.
One kiss my heart skipped beats.
One moment and time would freeze.
In bed with another between silk sheets.

I don’t want to be anything good.
I don’t want to be anything sweet.
I don’t need a hug from you.
I only want my bestie holding me.

That happy moment is gone.
That sorrow rocks me to sleep.
The restless sound of silence.
Skipping beats a broken heart weeps.

Broken marriage vows can turn a good man or woman into a cold, heartless person. In some cases, the victim can triumphantly forgive and move on with their life for the better. There’s a moment when you find out that your mate has cheated on you, and in that moment, your heart skips beats, your body gets warm all over, and tears well up in your heart and ooze out through your eyes. Those tears burn. Those tears hurt. Those tears can also heal. It takes time to get to the healing, but it is okay to allow those tears to flow. Cleanse your mind, body, and soul. If you’ve lost your best friend, the moment prior to the infidelity can’t be retrieved unless you forgive them and move on for your own healing.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. You won’t know until you try.

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