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Finding Good Marriage Counseling Books

It’s pretty clear, if you drive a car, that to keep it running you have to change the oil periodically. Although this seems clear to everyone, apparently it’s much less clear to people that you need to periodically “change the oil” on your marriage – in other words, marriage requires maintenance. One convenient and effective way to help maintain (and improve) your marriage is to consult marriage counseling books. Something so valuable as a marriage is worth the time and money that it takes to buy and read the book. This little investment can prevent a nasty and painful divorce.


The Truth About Love

John stayed on his cell phone constantly while Shirley looked on in amazement.  She could have sworn she was discussing their finances as it was important to avoid soon foreclosure on their dream home.  After finding out about his plans to be with the other woman permanently, and having him trudge in and out of […]