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Saving Your Marriage & Your Job

Dangers of Having an Office Spouse An “office spouse” describes your partner at work that helps you meet deadlines, eats lunch with you each day and is generally someone whom you cannot function without. But while there are benefits to maintaining a good working relationship with work colleagues, there are also some dangers you need […]


Are Men Genetically Wired to Cheat?

Well let’s keep the term ‘cheating’ for later. Let’s begin by admitting that men are naturally or genetically wired to seek women who are suited best for procreating. No matter how we progress technologically and become ‘civilized’, we must never forget what our forefathers were like thousands of years ago. When men choose women, they […]


What About Red-Hot Monogamy?

Red-Hot Monogamy, Copyright © 2006, written by Bill and Pam Farrel, published by Harvest House Publishers. This book deals with sexual relationships in marriage and how married couples can keep (or restart) the burning fire. The following is the basic topic outline from the book’s Table of Contents. Sex! What Makes It Red-Hot? Bringing the […]