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…an Excerpt from “Ask No Questions, Tell No Lies”

Thomas and Jonni stopped when they entered the cafeteria.  Jonni surveyed the room to see if she recognized anyone.  Only one woman caught her attention, but she ignored her.  Darnell’s ex-girlfriend was probably here just getting a prenatal checkup.  Jonni sighed and turned around.  “He’s not in here so I’m going to head to the […]


Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I must admit that my mind wandered toward thoughts of another man.  My present situation is beyond unhealthy and borderline insane.  The constant fighting is a foolish problem to have, and my only escape from the nonsense is to dream about being with someone else.  I felt guilty for this at first, but […]


If You Must Cheat, Do It Right

I began this as a joke and told a friend of mine I’d prefer guys and gals be on the same page when it comes to cheating. There are too many sloppy cheaters out there, and majority of them are guys. My friend wasn’t happy at first because she said I was giving the secrets […]