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…And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

“Catherine, I’m in love with you,” he said. “I will do anything to be with you.”

Butterflies crept in her stomach because she knew she couldn’t have two men in her life. One was there purposefully by law. The other there purposefully by choice. There were kids involved. Hearts could be broken. Someone could get hurt physically. Someone would get scarred emotionally. Someone would be destroyed mentally.

Catherine had a serious choice to make. Should she listen to her heart or her mind? She hated being confused because she knew confusion was the devil’s playground. She cared for her husband and loved the two daughters he’d blessed her with. But something about this muscular, chocolate, debonair, “Idris Elba”-look-a-like kept her from saying no.

Lord help me to resist temptation, she thought.

Her knees grew week, She grabbed his arm gently and slowly sat on the last step of the staircase and leaned her head forward. As her head lay on his thigh, she imagined every unholy act she could commit in this empty stairwell. They were both at work after hours, and they were the only two left in the building besides the night watchmen.

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Get Your Groove Back

Today is just not a good day.  If only I had the strength to move from this spot.  He’s been distant from me and doesn’t want to discuss where our marriage is going.  Since I found out he slept with another woman, they’ve grown closer and we’ve grown apart.  No one will quite understand how I feel.  My friends will provide harsh criticism.  I know they will laugh or yell at me for any choices I’d make because it’s not what they would do.  Unfortunately I’m not nearly as strong as any of my friends when it comes to relationships.  They know how to move on from their mistakes and the drama of a break-up.  I think about this day and night trying to figure out what I did wrong.  Perhaps, I should do what they say and then maybe this won’t happen again.  Do I leave him?  Do I call the other woman to yell at her or to ask her to let me work on my marriage?  Or do I let him do his own thing until he comes around to being my husband again?  I wonder who I should call first?  Maybe they know what to do…

Previously, our heartbroken female companion, Shirley, sat on the floor of her bedroom closet crying after having discovered evidence of her cheating spouse.  Perhaps days, weeks, months, or years have gone by where she has remained in a slump and has not emotionally recovered from this pain.  It appears she’s been in “that spot” for so long, she’s grown weak and unable to move on with a firm decision.  What is easy for one person to accomplish may not be as easy for others to do the same.  It is “easier said than done”… Read More…

Can You Hear Me Now?

Shirley Learns Her Husband Has Cheated…

…[Shirley] found a carefully folded map of the hotel with the same room number circled and arrows drawn in directing the culprit from the FRONT LOBBY to ROOM 132…  suddenly she knew there was no way her husband could have been in Louisiana working that weekend…  To Shirley’s disbelief and sad regret, a food receipt to a local restaurant told her that her husband didn’t dine alone.  Shirley knew who the long distance home-wrecker [was] who wanted her husband that bad.

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Why Papa Was a Rolling Stone…

There are a lot of women who make the mistake of meeting someone whom they thought were nice, yet very single young men, only to discover they are part of a group of women that this man has decided to date…all at once. Why do men play the field? Why not settle down with one good Christian woman and live happily ever after…as women most often daydream? Three  main reasons they don’t are:

1. Women allow them to cheat. Yes, women can be the blame in this situation too. Be more assertive, and don’t settle for less. You deserve better than to be second-string. Seek first place. If you keep allowing it to happen, they will keep thinking they can cheat. Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.
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