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Why Do Married People Commit Adultery?

Infidelity in Marriage… What’s Behind it?

In our culture infidelity has become a major part of entertainment. We see it in popular television programs and movies. Infidelity to some is enjoyment and amusement. Some men think if they are not slipping and cheating they are not being a man. Some individuals grew up in environments where cheating was/is a way of life. Some women think life is boring with out the excitement of an outside affair. In spite of the reasons, God to a Christian,  says No to adultery. Those living outside of God’s covenant are considered worldly and not in agreement with God; therefore, they do as they please. Those Christians who commit infidelity must examine themselves to see if they are Christians.

So, what is behind Christian infidelity? The word Christian means Christ-like. It appears that every person who proclaims to be a Christian is not one. Or after entering the faith they still struggle with worldly influences. How can we tell a true Christian from a false one? Scripture says, “You will know a tree by the fruit it bears.” True Christianity displays a changed life reflecting the nature of Christ — not a perfect life, but a progressive life. False Christians resemble the world. Their behavior is Read More…