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After the Affair by Janis A Spring, PhD

Updated Second Edition About the Author JANIS ABRAHMS SPRING, Ph.D., is a nationally acclaimed expert on issues of trust, intimacy, and forgiveness. She is the bestselling author of After the Affair and How Can I Forgive You? After the Affair was published in thirteen countries around the world and both books were finalists for the […]


A Marital Journey to Forgiveness After Infidelity

An affair is survivable. Millions of couples opt to stay together for many reasons. More often than not they still love each other still love and still possess a longing for the marriage to endure and this is what brings couples to marriage and family counseling. Therapy treatment, in conjunction with the couple’s persistant efforts, can help a marriage after an affair not only survive the affair but also thrive and grow into the marriage for which both have always longed.