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Coping With Jealousy and Jealous Spouses

Coping with jealousy requires a good understanding of how jealousy affects modern monogamous relationships. Jealousy is a secondary emotion that derives from the negative thoughts and feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that a person values, particularly that of a human connection. It’s a very familiar experience in human relationships, especially in marriages.

Jealousy becomes unacceptable when it gets out of control and begins to consume the relationship. Jealousy affects women and men in somewhat different ways. Usually a wife understands that her husband may occasionally flirt with other women or stare at good-looking young women. Some of this is normal until it reaches the point of making the other partner uncomfortable. That’s when this unhealthy practice needs to be addressed and resolved.

A jealous spouse may get unreasonably angry if her husband even so much as Read More…