When a woman argues with a man, it only makes him dig in and stand his ground. After all, men are innately competitive. It’s in their genes, and they are born to compete. That’s why, in any argument, he feels he must be the victor. So, even if you have a valid point, arguing with your man may be futile. It will only serve as a wedge that may eventually tear your relationship apart.
The one rule every woman must remember in a conflict with a man is to always be respectful. Be careful of emotionally intense words or tones, as this often causes a man to escalate the conflict. While, ideally, a woman should speak to him calmly and directly in a soft tone during a conflict, the reality is that during such times it can be almost impossible to remain calm when you’re upset.
A better rule would be to never compete with a man, even if you have to leave the conversation, room or even the home for a few minutes or hours. While this may seem extreme, it is more effective to remove yourself from a situation that can likely escalate, than it is to remain in that situation which will likely cause emotional damage.

There’s another reason for this, too, and it may surprise you. The one thing men hate more than anything is to be ignored. They can’t stand it. Every time a woman creates distance when a man becomes competitive in an argument, she is slowly training him that using his power with her will cause him to be ignored, until he humbles himself.

So, the next time the two of you have an issue to discuss, approach him with this in mind. The conversation can continue unless you feel uncomfortable. Even though a man likes time alone, there is a limit to how much alone time they can tolerate. Men enjoy distance when they can control the amount of time apart, but when a woman is unavailable to her husband when he desires her company, then and only then will be begin to realize that he has hurt her.
This article is from Bob Grant, L.P.C., the author of What Husbands Can’t Resist, which you can review by simply clicking here.


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