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How To Heal A Broken Heart – 4 Steps You Need To Take

Heartbreak is a pain like any other. It is an emotional pain so bottomless that it can feel like a physical blow. When you have a pain like this one, all you want is for the deep ache to go away. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but the truth is there is no band aid for a broken heart. Time is the remedy needed for you to truly heal from such a deep, wrenching pain even though it may sound cliche. Give it time and this pain will go away. But between now and then, there are some basic tips that might be able to make the difference in how you are feeling.

Just cry: You can expect to feel like rubbish for the first few weeks. It would depend on how emotional of a person you are but you may feel like crying for days. Just go ahead. A significant change has occurred in your life; a painful change. There is no way you can shut this feeling off with a switch nor can you just expect a little sadness. It’s just not that simple. Allow yourself to grieve for your loss. But not too long! If you stay in the past for too long, then it can only hurt you. See rule number 4.

Talk to Someone Close: Cry on someone’s shoulder, someone who cares about you to get your feelings out. This is one way you can purify your soul and so let that someone in to share your pain. Allow them to listen, offer advice, and comfort you. Sharing this comfort can make you feel better even though it is not necessary for you to have to take that advice. It is essential to make sure that you only allow yourself to grieve and lean on someone for a time because you need to move forward.

Distract Yourself: Bring friends you care about back into your life. Could it be that having the relationship was keeping you from spending time with your parents, or siblings? Or maybe you just hadn’t talked to your best friend in weeks. Surround yourself with Read More…