…And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

“Catherine, I’m in love with you,” he said. “I will do anything to be with you.”

Butterflies crept in her stomach because she knew she couldn’t have two men in her life. One was there purposefully by law. The other there purposefully by choice. There were kids involved. Hearts could be broken. Someone could get hurt physically. Someone would get scarred emotionally. Someone would be destroyed mentally.

Catherine had a serious choice to make. Should she listen to her heart or her mind? She hated being confused because she knew confusion was the devil’s playground. She cared for her husband and loved the two daughters he’d blessed her with. But something about this muscular, chocolate, debonair, “Idris Elba”-look-a-like kept her from saying no.

Lord help me to resist temptation, she thought.

Her knees grew week, She grabbed his arm gently and slowly sat on the last step of the staircase and leaned her head forward. As her head lay on his thigh, she imagined every unholy act she could commit in this empty stairwell. They were both at work after hours, and they were the only two left in the building besides the night watchmen.

Catherine didn’t play with fire, but she knew if she followed her heart, she’d get burned. Her husband also worked for the same company. If they ever got caught, she’d lose her marriage for sure. Her last thought was for the well-being of her daughters. Would her spouse, if she cheated, be vindictive and hold them hostage? As much as she used to adore the man standing in front of her years ago when they dated, she knew as a married woman, if she fell into the adulterous trap Satan wanted her in, that she may not be able to dig her way out so easily.

If she fell into temptation, she knew she had to be very careful. Phone records had to be erased from her cellular. No home phone calls allowed. Call her on her new prepaid phone where the numbers are not traceable. Email anonymously from an account in which her husband had no access. Have plenty business trips and networking meetings where no one had access to the meetings agenda to confirm or deny that the two of them ever had a “meet and greet.” Late night dinners had to be purchased by her companion only because any bank transactions made would automatically send a message to her spouse’s email and cell phone… a feature they established on their joint bank account. Hotels paid for in cash. Wrong names provided to the front desk clerk. Specialized cellular ringtones. Children would never meet him. Spouse would never work in his department or have a need to correspond with anyone from his department.

Catherine took a deep breath. Now she had to decide… should she follow the promises of God by keeping her marriage sanctimonious…or follow where Satan lead her in this stairwell…into temptation.

Joshua 24:15 “…choose ye this day whom you will serve.”

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